Release Date

05 October 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.



MtoA is a bugfix release. It contains the following changes :

  • Instances were failing to render in the Render View
  • Texture reference object wasn't exporting the correct normals (nref)
  • Material Viewer was showing a blurry result when motion blur was enabled in the render setting
  • Solved errors in TxManager when opened before any rendering
  • Flush skydome cache now invalidates the connected texture
  • TxManager now takes Color Management into account with "Use Textures in Folder"
  • IPR with motion blur wasn't always rendering the correct frame
  • Added, R, G, B, A, L shortcuts for channels display in Arnold RenderView
  • Console Logs were sometimes hidden
  • Cached animation / dynamics were not rendered properly with motion blur
  • Solved errors when MtoA was loaded before Bifrost

    #2570Instances aren't rendering interactively in
    #2423cached(alembic/dynamics) not rendering properly with motion blur in Arnold
    #2581MtoA windows installer does not check for previous installed versions
    #2547addOneTabToGlobalsWindow should be replaced with a callback.
    #2561Fix problems with render settings presets.
    #2582Material Viewer has motion blur if enabled in Arnold render settings
    #1785IPR with Motion Blur : moving the timeline renders wrong frame
    #2389Errors when exporting nref
    #2506In Maya 2017 TX Manager do not list the texture if render settings are not open before of it
    #2541Flush Skydome cache should invalidate the connected texture
    #2543Issue when Mtoa is loaded before bifrost
    #2559Build OSX version of MtoA with -mmacosx-version-min=10.9
    #2586Tx Manager using "Textures in folder" should be color-management aware
    #2587Console Logs not always displayed
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