Release Date

15th December 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.



MtoA is a bugfix release. It contains the following fixes :

  • Fixed hang when a shading group was erased during IPR
  • Removed Bifrost shader dependencies with Maya libraries
  • Export prefix short name "ep" was conflicting with "expand procedurals"
  • When multiple shaders are assigned to the same bump node, they may switch randomly
  • When a light portal is hidden in Maya, it is now correctly ignored by the skydome light
  • "oriented" mode was missing in Curve Collector
  • Curve collector now supports the curve_id user data
  • OCIO view transform wasn't correct in Arnold Render View until OCIO checkbox was toggled
  • Skydome Textures with constant luminance were ignored
  • Skydome light with with a black texture/ramp couldn't be updated in IPR
  • Fixed rare crashes during procedural generation


#2690Support "curve_id" user param in Curve Collector
#2691Hidden portals shouldn't be taken into account by the skydome
#2694Add new oriented mode in Curve Collector
#2695Ramp connected to skydomes returning a flat color
#2710Bifrost, xgenSpline, and hairPhysical shaders depend on Maya libraries
#2713Deleting shading groups freezes IPR
#2716Export Prefix short name argument (ep) is conflicting with Expand Procedural
#2719View transform not correct in ARV when first opening it
#2721Wrong shader randomly assigned when the same bump is assigned to several ones



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