Release Date

28 February 2017

This version uses the Arnold core.



MtoA is a hotfix release based on 1.4.2, with the following bugfixes : 


  • Reverted the behavior of referenced AOVs for Maya 2015/ 2016. They are now kept back in the scene.  For Maya 2017, they are only ignored if Render Setup is enabled, since Render Setup allows you to import a scene's AOVs.
  • Fixed banding artifact in the Arnold RenderView.
  • Fixed Luma display in ARV.
  • Fixed UI freezes in the ARV that could happen when some options were toggled.



#2817ARV freeze if you open and close the snapshots library
#2819[ARV] Luma display not working in the GPU version
#2820Revert AOV import behaviour if new Render Setup isn't enabled
#2831[ARV] Banding in GPU display



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