• We will render the car and the floor separately. This will give us more control in post production. Hide the backplate by setting the image plane to None. Also hide the floor. Your render should look something like the render below. You will notice that we cannot see anything behind the windscreen glass. That is because we do not have anything to refract through the glass. Creating an Ai Sky node will enable us to see the HDR map behind the glass.

Beauty render. The hdr map is not visible through the refractions in the glass


  • We need to create an Ai Sky node in order to see the HDRI refracted through the glass. Connect the same HDRI map that you used for the Ai SkyDome Light to the Ai Sky node. If you rotated the Ai Sky Dome Light, make sure that the Ai Sky has the same rotation, so that they match each other. Having the Ai Sky node separate from the Ai Sky Dome Light gives us more control of where we place our refractions and reflections.

Hdr map connected to Ai Sky Dome Light and Ai Sky node


  • Under the Render Stats for the Ai Sky, turn everything off except for Visible in Refractions:

Ai Sky attributes. 'Visible in Refractions' is enabled to see the hdri through the refracted windscreen glass.


  • After adding the Ai Sky node, we can now see the HDR map reflected through the glass (remember to switch off opaque for the windscreen glass mesh!). For more information on creating a glass material with the Ai Standard shader, click here.

No Ai Sky in scene. Nothing is visible behind the windscreen glass.

Scene contains Ai Sky with 'Visible in Refractions' enabled

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