Third Party Shaders

There are several third-party shader resources available for Arnold/SItoA, MtoA, HtoA and C4DtoA as listed on the Solid Angle website.

These third-party shaders, extensions and integrations are not developed or supported by Solid Angle but are provided for your convenience.



alShaders can be downloaded here. Ensure that you download the correct OS and the latest build.

There is more information about the principles and basic usage of the alShaders in these slides and notes pdf's.

JF Nested Dielectric

This shader can be downloaded here.

1.0.4 is only available for Windows at this time. 

1.0.3 is available for Linux (works with OSX as well (copy the .so file into the shader folder).

Source code and more information can be found here.

aaOcean Shader

This ocean simulation system can be downloaded here.

Oblique FX shaders

These shaders can be downloaded here.

Shader Collection Essential (Binary Alchemy)

These shaders can be downloaded here.


Limited support shaders

Kettle shaders

These are currently exclusively built for Softimage.


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