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Supported Cinema 4D versions:

  • R19.024 and above
  • R20.057 and above
  • R21.026 and above


This version uses the Arnold core, and it includes the Arnold GPU. See the Release Notes.

Autodesk Network Licensing in Arnold 6 requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.



  • New USD procedural: A new procedural is added to load USD files available via the Arnold Procedural object. Note that you can find the source code of this procedural and other USD components for Arnold at See for specific release notes. (#1545)

  • New value shader: A value shader is added to the network editor which can output int, float, vector, color or string constant based on the selected data type. (#1542)

  • New string replace operator: The new string_replace operator matches and replaces parts of string parameters, optionally depending on the OS Arnold is running on. (#1523)
  • Cubic inverse camera radial distortion: A new cubic_inverse lens radial distortion compatible with the 3ds Max physical camera has been added. The classic cubic distortion is still the default. (#1523)
  • Lens tilt controls: Lens Tilt Angle has been added to the perspective camera to control lens tilt angles with respect to the projection plane. The vertical and horizontal angles are specified in degrees. This is useful in architectural renderings to compensate for perspective transformation for vertical lines. (#1523)
  • Lens shift controls: Lens Shift has been added to the perspective camera to shift the lens position. This is useful to recenter the subject after using tilt. The shift is given in normalized screen coordinates: +1 will move the frame center to the right or bottom edge. Note that lens shift will affect the render in a different way than Film Offset, notably with distortions or vignetting since one is a lens effect and the other just selects the part of the rendered image that will be output. (#1523)


  • Added animation controls to the image shader: Similar to the native Bitmap shader, the image shader now has an Animation tab to control timing. (#1536)
  • Added particle radius variation: Random variation of particle radius can be controlled with new parameters under Radius Multiplier in the Arnold tag, Mesh particles tag or TP group. (#1538)
  • Load textures from a folder in the shader network editor: New shortcut Alt+W~L is added to select multiple textures to be added as image shaders in the network editor. The command is also available under the Texture menu. (#1531)
  • Add <resolution> token to text overlay: <resolution> can now be used as a token in text overlays (e.g. 1280 x 720). (#1515)
  • Set proper minimum, maximum and step of vector type parameters: Vector type parameters (e.g. offset and scale in uv_transform) have the correct minimum, maximum and step (e.g. 0.01) set. (#1546)


  • #1565 Auto tx turns relative paths to absolute when exporting to ASS

  • #1506 Hair growth along spline does not render

  • #1558 Reading AOVs of Arnold Denoiser EXR input is broken

  • #1252 Littering default.profraw files on Mac

  • #1556 <samples> text overlay token is different on CPU and GPU


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