Release Date



Supported Cinema 4D versions:

  • R20.057 and above
  • R21.026 and above
  • R22.016 and above

Support for CINEMA 4D R19 is dropped.

This version uses the Arnold core, and it includes the Arnold GPU. See the Release Notes.

Autodesk Network Licensing in Arnold 6 requires new license files with an updated 2020 version. Please follow the instructions on this page to generate your license file. More info about Arnold 6 licensing can be found here.


  • #1650 Crash when exporting selected object to ASS

  • #1649 Invalid camera matrix error when rendering ASS via kick plugin

  • #1648 XP group does not render
  • #1647 Do not export display color when it's disabled
  • #1645 Precision error of color space transform causes slow down
  • #1646 Windows installer does not detect the Cinema 4D S22 folder
  • No labels
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