Arnold uses the Autodesk Network License Manager


What is NLM?

NLM is the Autodesk Network License Manager.

You have NLM licenses if:

  • You have an annual subscription for Arnold purchased from a reseller or directly from Autodesk
  • You kept your maintenance plan (instead of switching to subscription)

NLM licenses are also known as

  • FlexLM licenses
  • multi-user licenses

An NLM license looks like this:

Example Autodesk network license
VENDOR adskflex port=2080
PACKAGE 86985ARNOL_F adskflex 1.000 COMPONENTS=86985ARNOL_2018_0F \
	SIGN="0F55 F3F9 20C7 1ECD E02B F6DC 81F8 348E DE33 6378 B4DD \
	E584 F6E3 03FB BC82 043A A255 CB3D F384 054B FDEB EB64 1A69 \
	90F3 E007 FCE6 75CF 054E 6DB4 A304" SIGN2="1C10 AE14 2FA9 4002 \
	6EC7 FF74 11D3 64F9 E2E9 71AA 2796 2D2C A473 6976 98EA 1356 \
	9285 6BF6 50A2 A7CF D757 60B1 7828 BCBB E44A F4B0 E9CA C91C \
	450F 8065"
INCREMENT 86985ARNOL_F adskflex 1.000 23-aug-2020 5 \
	VENDOR_STRING=nfr:non-extendable SUPERSEDE=86985ARNOL_F \
	BORROW=4320 SN=123-12345678 SIGN="04CD 35E0 10EA BD0F B42F \
	A5C2 BDD1 8BD2 FACA DFFA C889 1222 7FA4 038C D32A 19DF 2687 \
	0E15 4704 D028 9523 44FE AD67 D64F 7D0A 29C4 3508 3B42 4DF4 \
	3C4B" SIGN2="00FA 4A8F D4FD 58B2 3339 B4D5 2287 0721 981B CCF0 \
	3C33 B848 A125 E59B 85BC 028A 9C28 E09D C0EE 8BF6 BEE6 7F57 \
	C942 A1E3 A60B 9B5E 36CE 79DD 53DB AF65"


What versions of Arnold use NLM?

Arnold 5.0.1 and later use Arnold 2018 NLM licenses.

Only monthly subscription licenses still use RLM.

To use an Autodesk license with an Arnold plug-in, you need:

  • MtoA 2.0.1 or later
  • C4DtoA 2.0.3 or later
  • HtoA 2.1.0 or later
  • MAXtoA 1.0.832 or later
  • KtoA 2.0.2 or later

An ARNOLD 2018 license works with any version of Maya, 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D, Houdini, or Katana, as long as you have at least the version listed above.


Monthly subscription licenses purchased from use RLM.







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