If you have C4DtoA 2.2.1 or later, you can use the C4DtoA licensing tools.



Monthly subscription licenses purchased from solidangle.com use RLM.

Annual subscription licenses and new permanent licenses use the Autodesk licensing system.

  1. Get the name or IP address of the license server computer.

    The license server computer is the computer where the RLM license server is running.

    On Mac OS remote machines will have .local added to the end so the server name may be LICSERVER.local
  2. Start CINEMA 4D

  3. In CINEMA 4D, click Plugins > C4DtoA > Help > Licensing > Connect to License Server

  4. In the Solid Angle (RLM) text box, type "5053@" and then type the name of your license server computer.

    If the license server is on the same computer as CINEMA 4D, use 5053@localhost



  5. Click Connect

  6. Click Close

  7. Render something (an empty scene is fine for testing).





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