Texture Options

This property allows you to refine the options used by Arnold when looking up an image texture.

To apply it, select an image and run either

  • Get->Property->Arnold Properties->Texture Options
  • Arnold->Properties->Texture Options
  • SITOA_AddTextureOptionsProperties (script editor).

The property is placed under the Custom folder of the image. Options are:


Closest, Bilinear, Bicubic, Smart Bicubic.

Mipmap Bias

An integer, defining the mipmap level bias.

Swap UV

If on, swaps U and V

U Wrap

Don't Override, Periodic, Black, Clamp, Mirror, File

V Wrap

Same as above, for the V coordinate.

The wrapping options define the lookup behavior where U (and/or V) exceeds the standard 0..1 range. When set to Don't Override, the wrapping is driven by the wrapping flags of the texture projection property. Instead, if the UVs are not wrapped yet, you can decide what to do by choosing one of the five options available.
So, if you want to wrap at this later stage, remember to disable the Wrapping in the texture projection property, else the image node will get UVs in the 0..1 range, and it will not be able to apply the new wrapping modes.

In the image below, the UV range is 0..2.
We get some blur because Mipmap Bias is set to 2, Mirror wrapping along U and Clamp wrapping along the V.



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