SItoA supports both the <tile> (Mudbox) and <udim> (Mari) tokens for images.


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UDIM values are a way of representing the integer coordinates of a texture, from the coordinates of its bottom-left corner in UV space. This way, multiple textures can be used to cover a model, rather than a single, much larger, texture.

A cylinder with its side in u0,v0, base in u0,v1, and top in u0,v2


It is a 4 digit number starting at 1001, created using the formula, 1001 + u + (10 * v)

In the example above the side would be 1001, base 1002, and top 1003.

To use this method in your file inputs, use the <udim> tag in the file name, which is then replaced with the appropriate number.

texture.<udim>.exr will be read as texture.1001.exr when looked up for rendering.

Ensure that you use absolute path names when using the <udim> file token. For example:





When the path to the image used in sib_image_clip contains such a token, the actual name of the image to be used is resolved, depending on the current UV coordinates.

Here is one Mari case in action.

Note that, unfortunately, the path turns red when you edit it to replace part of its name with the <udim> token, but there is nothing we can do at the moment.

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