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  • By default, the floor plane has no material assigned and renders with a default lambert shader. We will assign a Standard Surface shader instead. In the Slate Material Editor window, create a standard_surface material by dragging or double-clicking it under the Arnold category in the Material/Map Browser pane on the left. Double click it in the central View window to view its parameters in the Material Parameter Editor. Assign the shader to the plane.
  • Change the base_color of the standard_surface shader to blue.


  • For this object, assign another standard_surface shader to it using the same process as before. For now, just select a green color for the base_color.

Green Standard Surface shader assigned to sphere



Arnold Light Type: Point. Exposure increased to 14.


A directional light is added to the scene if no light is created (like in the viewport).


  • Now we’re ready to do a render. Start an Active Shade render by clicking on the icon. If you do not see this icon, hold down the mouse and on the flyout choose the 'ActiveShade' button.



A quick way to add lighting is by adding a color to the Environment. Press the "8" key to bring up the environment dialog, add color, and a skydome_light is placed into the scene (under the hood) with IBL from this background, disabling the default lights).


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