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System Requirements


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MultiExcerptName6.0.4 System Requirements

Bug Fixes

  • htoa#1502 Add AOV light groups to Solaris lights
  • htoa#1522 Add grid parameter to the Arnold Implicit HDA

  • htoa#1527 Support * in the grids parameter of the Arnold Volume HDA
  • htoa#1528 Add enable_adapative_sampling option to Solaris render settings LOP
  • htoa#1531 Fix global bounding box for arnold procedural

  • htoa#1532 Choose terminal ROP in operator subnet traversal
  • htoa#1536 Add portal mode for dome light LOP

  • htoa#1540 Acceleration blur for the instance object
  • htoa#1541 Allow EXR layers with half precision within same EXR file

  • usd#532: Fixing the cylinder light axis

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptName6.0.4.1 Bug Fixes