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MultiExcerptName6.1 Bug Fixes
  • #7844 Contour filter does not scale well with the number of threads

  • #9941 Correlations in progressive sampling with splitting
  • #10040 [GPU] Always report minor version field of Nvidia driver as two digits
  • #10024 [GPU] Incorrect texture selection or error when invalidating the texture cache with GPU sparse textures
  • #9918 [GPU] Lags in IPR rendering
  • #9361 [GPU] OptiX assert when updating textures
  • #10026 [GPU] Rare crash in OptiX denoiser
  • #10048 [GPU] Wrong progress reporting using adaptive
  • #5518 Handle interruptions properly during procedural expansion
  • #9949 mesh_light with constant black texture causes degenerate light tree case
  • #10031 Only shader node connections should use node output type
  • #9971 Subdivs: soft creases normals different in adaptive and regular
  • #9978 Viewport API doesn't apply the correct matrix for nested procedurals
  • usd#513 Viewport representation in points mode doesn't have the correct matrix.
  • usd#565 Animated transforms not translated properly if set on parent XForms.
  • usd#570 USD procedural is not picking up OSL shader parameters.
  • usd#556 motion_start and motion_end is only set if the matrix of the prim is animated.
  • usd#543 Visibility is not checked on the current frame.
  • usd#569 Render delegate not picking up OSL shader parameters.
  • usd#574 Incorrect display of curve widths in Solaris when changing curve basis.
  • usd#577 Point light should have zero radius.
  • usd#580 The Render Delegate's depth range is incorrect if USD is at least version 20.02.