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Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptName6.1 Enhancements
  • maxtoa#645 ARV: Handle image saving from ARV > Save Image (maxtoa#645)
  • Expose the SSS type choice for translating the physical material(maxtoa#722)
  • Expose MAXscript commands to import and export materials are now available (maxtoa#814)
  • maxtoa#829 Add ability to import Import more than 1 material at a time .
  • maxtoa#840 Increase the texture cache size default to 4096 MB
  • maxtoa#854 (maxtoa#829).
  • New mix_shader's add_transparency parameter (maxtoa#854)
  • maxtoa#859 Physical camera exposure control for ARV and to-ass mode: the physical camera exposure controls apply also when rendering in ARV, and when kicking exported .ass files.
  • maxtoa#871 Map the Max bitmap's filtering to the image's filter


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