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The Arnold Denoiser is a stand-alone program post-process denoiser executable. It works on EXR files with multiple layers (merged) and outputs an EXR file with the denoised layers. It takes into account multiple frames and multiple light AOVs. Like most denoisers, it considers a neighborhood around the current pixel and looks for similar neighborhoods inside a given search area to blend together. To use the Arnold Denoiser, you will need to render images via the Arnold EXR driver.

  • The beauty must use the same filter (gaussian_filter) as the other denoiser AOVs (N, Z, variance, and denoise_albedo), which are created by the Arnold plugin for you.
  • Noice can work with the gaussian_filter or box_filter and sets up any additional filters it may need under the hood.
  • A denoising tutorial can be found here.


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