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Supported LOP Nodes


  • Mesh
  • OpenVDB Volume including in-memory Volumes
  • Points
    • Motion vector support
  • UsdSkel including crowds
  • BasisCurves
  • Custom Arnold shapes via Primitive
  • Render time procedurals via ArnoldUsd, ArnoldUsd and ArnoldProcedural


  • Custom Arnold properties
  • Physical Camera properties

Material Library

  • Arnold Materials
  • USD Preview Shaders (UsdPreviewSurface, UsdUvTexture, and UsdPrimvarReader)


  • Distant
  • Point/Sphere
    • Shaping Parameters (Spotlight, Focus, and IES)
  • Disk
  • Rect
  • Cylinder
  • Arnold specific parameters via the Arnold tab

Dome Light

  • Arnold specific parameters via the Arnold tab


Light Linking

Render Var

  • Raw
  • LPE
  • Primvar
  • Filter setup via the Arnold tab

Render Product

  • Deep Rendering

Render Settings

  • Sampling
  • Ray Depth
  • Texture
  • Device
  • System
  • Diagnostics

Render Geometry Settings

Point Instancer

  • Motion blur

Known limitations

  • Imagers, operators, environment shaders and camera shaders are not currently supported.
  • Motion blur for Point instancer attributes Cryptomatte is not supported.
  • Curves are not supported.
  • Field3D and native Houdini volumes are not supported.
  • Can't select the GPU via the Render Settings LOP.
  • Physical camera parameters are not supported.
  • USD Coordsys parameters are not supported.No per face material assignments.
  • Can't open textures from usdz files.


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