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These nodes can be used to retrieve attributes from the attached geometry. When the scene is translated to Arnold, attributes are not exported automatically. They must be named in the Attributes of declared, according to the Arnold scene syntax, in the User Options field of the Arnold Parameters (see below for some examples). On export, MAXtoA translates them into user attributes on the Arnold geometry. To retrieve this data, a node is then required of the correct type. While there are more types than listed below, these should cover the type dimensions, (int, string, 1,3, and 4 floats). In Arnold, the parameter is selected by name only. The nodes below are very accepting of inputs. If for example, an attribute is named in user_data_rgb but the input passed is actually an integer, then it will still work and just convert the integer to float and pass it to each of the R, G & B values. 


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