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  • To add an AOV click on the + button.

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  • To choose the type of AOV click on the down arrow to the right of AOV 1. You will see a list of available AOVs (with their associated LPE).


Multiexcerpt include


Specify whether 16-bit floating point (binary16) or full 32-bit precision is used. By default, this will be the same as the beauty.


Allows you to set multiple EXR compressions per AOV.

Pixel Filter

Specifies the pixel filter used on the AOV, see the Pixel Filter section for more information. By default, this will be the same as the beauty.



'Red' entered in AOV Light Group


2. Add a custom AOV in the Render Output. For example, if the light group name is “red”, then the AOV name should be RGBA_red (if you want the red light contribution to the beauty). Or diffuse_red if you want just the red light contribution to the diffuse.


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