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  • Visual Studio 2015 redistributable: In Windows, we now require the VS 2015 redistributable to be installed in order to run Arnold. We expect most of our users to have it already, but if not the installer can be downloaded from the following link: (#4445)
  • Custom cameras: Custom cameras can now implement camera_reverse_ray to convert from camera space to raster space. This makes it possible for any custom camera to work as a dicing camera, support min_pixel_width, support accurate raster-space wireframe width, etc. (#4477)
  • procedural node: The procedural node now only supports loading .ass, .obj, .ply files. The dso parameter has been renamed to filename. options.procedural_searchpath is now only used for this node.
  • Deferred procedurals: Removed support for deferred procedurals. All procedurals are now loaded during scene initialization (right before rendering). Also, load_at_init, min and max parameters have been removed.
  • Gamma options removed:
    • Output drivers now take a color_space string attribute to specify which color space to use for rendered images. Built-in values are linear, sRGB and Rec709. The default value auto will use sRGB for 8 bit formats and linear otherwise. All driver_*.gamma have been removed.
    • image nodes now have an color_space attribute to specify which color space the texture is assumed to be in. Built-in values are linear, sRGB and Rec709. The default value auto will use sRGB for integer (8 or 16 bit) formats and linear otherwise. The attribute options.texture_gamma has been removed.
    • Legacy gamma related options in kick (-g/tg/sg/lg) have been removed. You can now set the output color space for a render with kick -ocs <string>.
  • Removed legacy pixel filters: The following pixel filters, which were rarely used, have been removed: catrom2d_filter, cook_filter, cone_filter, cubic_filter, disk_filter, video_filter.
  • Always use auto-bounds for volumes and implicits: Volume and implicit plugins already notify Arnold of the bounds around the data they provide. Users could previously override this with min and max parameters, but those have been removed for volume nodes and are unused for implicit plugins. All volume plugins will automatically have a bounds_slack parameter available to expand the natural bounding box around the data for purposes of adding positional noise in shaders, etc. Volume plugins are responsible for increasing their reported bounds by the bounds_slack amount. Also, the load_at_init parameter has been removed from both volume and implicit type nodes, as it had no effect in practice.

SItoA tickets


  • #1773 Per Light AOV's
  • #1876 Upgrade to AtString
  • #1935 Change 'Volume Scattering' to 'Atmosphere Volume'
  • #1940 Change naming of 'Stand-ins' to 'Procedurals'
  • #1950 Migrate repo to git
  • #1952 Update to Arnold 5.0
  • #1959 Remove the texture cache enabling flag
  • #1960 Remove obsolete or duplicated shaders
  • #1961 Closure parameter and output for shaders
  • #1962 Expose all the core shaders
  • #1963 Update lights to Arnold 5
  • #1964 Update procedural to Arnold 5
  • #1965 Update volume to Arnold 5
  • #1966 Update the visibility and sidedness properties to Arnold 5
  • #1967 New Arnold 5 motion blur bounds
  • #1968 Update the rendering options to Arnold 5
  • #1969 Update AOVs to Arnold 5
  • #1970 Discontinue the Mask mode of the Matte property
  • #1971 Export the main hair UV set to the new curves uvs array
  • #1972 Fix the testsuite for SItoA 4
  • #1973 Match the image clip color profiles
  • #1974 Vector displacement handle
  • #1975 Limit the verbosity level for the rendering pre-passes
  • #1976 VR camera
  • #1977 Rename sta_passthrough_filter to passthrough_filter


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