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Search Paths

In the rendering options, you can set the paths where Arnold will look for shaders, procedurals, and textures.

For shaders and procedurals, they are automatically loaded if contained into the directory pointed by the ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH directprydirectory.

Also, you can use the following environment variables that will be read and set as your defaults when creating a new scene:


So, if we have 2 search paths, we always try to convert with respect to the first one. If failing, we try the second one, and so on. In the case of failure (none of the search paths worked), we export the plain file name and we log a warning.


• When a scene is imported from SOFTIMAGE|3D into Autodesk Softimage, Softimage searches in SI_LOCATION for linktab.ini. Define SI_LOCATION in setenv.bat (Windows) or .xsi_5.0 (Linux) as the directory where Softimage is installed and place a copy of linktab.ini there (if you want to reuse the linktab file used by SOFTIMAGE|3D; otherwise, just make SI_LOCATION point to the same path and linktab name as defined by SI_LINKTAB_LOCATION for Softimage).



For details on how Softimage uses


the linktab file, see 'Configuring the linktab.ini File' in the Softimage 'Setup & Licensing Guide'.