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  • When a mesh is rendered with "Translator" set to "procedural" in order to behave like a standin, it now has the same full set of features than the standin (overrides shaders / visibility / animated standins, etc..).
  • Since Arnold 5, StandIns can only reference .ass files. Loading custom procedurals (.dll, .so, .dylib) has now to be done through specific nodes, which can be complicated to handle for procedurals that aren't part of a MtoA extension. This was improved in MtoA 2.1.0 ,  where custom procedurals having the metadata "maya.procedural" enabled will automatically appear in the Arnold menu "Custom Shapes". The Attribute editor will display the procedural's attributes, as well as the common shape parameters, so that all the StandIn features (override shaders/visibility, etc.) can now be used in custom procedurals as well.  See documentation here.




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