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  • Selecting an AOV row in the AOV browser selects the AOV node in the attribute editor for simple editionediting.
  • Cryptomatte AOVs just need to be added to the list of Active AOVs. This automatically creates/selects the corresponding shader to edit its parameters, and adds it to the list of AOV shaders.
  • Light Group AOVs are now much easier to set. It is possible for each "lighting" AOV to decide if it needs to be rendered "globally", or "per-light-group", or for a specific list of light groups.
  • Light Path Expressions (LPE) can be filled with a menu icon. It includes the list of available LPE tokens, as well as the LPE expression for builtin AOVs.
  • Optional Camera parameter can be used to set a specific camera to an AOV. This only works with the batch render.

A video showing the AOV improvements in MtoA 2.1.0 can be found here.