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Create an Ai SkyDomeLight


  • Select the Ai SkyDomeLight and show its attribute editor. Connect a 2d file texture to the Color attribute of the Ai SkyDomeLight. If you are using an HDR map, remember to switch the file type to 'All Types' to see the hdr file in the file open browser window. Remember to change the Format to the same format that the HDR map was captured. In this case, it was captured with a mirrored ball.

HDR map connected to Ai SkyDomeLight. Format set to 'mirrored ball'


  • In the attribute editor for the Ai SkyDomeLight, scroll down to Resolution. Type in a value that matches the resolution of your HDR map. The SkyDomeLight uses importance sampling to send more rays towards important directions, and the resolution of the importance table needs to be high enough to capture small details in the HDR map, but never higher than the resolution of the HDR map itself.
  • To test the effect of the Ai SkyDomeLight we need to create a simple scene. Create a polygon plane and scale it out to around the size of the grid. Create two polygon spheres and position them on top of the plane. 


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