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MultiExcerptNameUSD Enhancements
  • Light and Shadow linking: The render delegate now supports light and shadow linking. (usd#412)
  • Motion blur for the Point Instancer: The render delegate now calculates motion blur when using the point instancer. (usd#653)
  • Half and Double precision: Storing data using half or double precision is now supported in both the render delegate and procedural. (usd#669)
  • Pause and Resume: Pausing and resuming renders are now supported in the render delegate. (usd#595)
  • NodeGraph schemas: The procedural now supports using the NodeGraph schema for shader networks. (usd#678)
  • Crease Sets: The procedural now supports crease sets on polymesh. (usd#694)
  • Purpose: Usd Purpose is now supported in the procedural. (usd#698)
  • Transform2D: The procedural now supports remapping UsdTransform2D to built-in Arnold nodes. (usd#517)
  • Write with default values: The scene format now supports optionally writing parameters with default values. (usd#720)
  • Velocity blur: The procedural now uses the velocity attribute to create motion keys for point-based shapes, when there are no position keys or the topology changes between frames. (usd#221)
  • Multi-Threading: The procedural now uses USD's WorkDispatcher which improves the performance of multi-threaded expansion in many cases. Examples of the performance improvements. (usd#690)

API Additions

MultiExcerptNameAPI Additions
  • Output information exposed via AtOutputIterator API: Using the following new API functions, it is now possible to query the filter, floating-point bit depth, layer name, and camera of the currently active output of an AtOutputIterator. (core#9860)

    Code Block
    AI_API AtNode*  AiOutputIteratorGetFilter(struct AtOutputIterator* iter);
    AI_API bool     AiOutputIteratorIsHalf(struct AtOutputIterator* iter);
    AI_API AtString AiOutputIteratorGetLayerName(struct AtOutputIterator* iter);
    AI_API AtNode*  AiOutputIteratorGetCamera(struct AtOutputIterator* iter);
  • License availability check API: The newly added function AiLicenseIsAvailable() checks if there are valid available licenses.