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Milestone 4.1.3

December 16, 2013

  • Faster AiPerlin4: The 4-dimensional Perlin noise function AiPerlin4() is now about 1.5x faster. (#3777)
  • Faster bump3d: The bump3d shader now makes 25% fewer shader evaluations, which can reduce render times specially when using expensive procedural maps. (#3804)
  • Faster lights: Non-motion blurred lights are now a few percent faster to render, specially in scenes with many lights. (#3791, #3792)
  • Reduced per-object memory overhead: Ray accel structs now consume a few hundred KBs less memory, which can add up to hundreds of MBs saved in scenes with thousands of objects. We also lowered peak memory used in certain situations. (#3772, #3778, #3783)
  • overlay_mode in utility shader: We have added a new overlay_mode parameter to the utility shader which allows you do overlay wireframe on top of the regular color and shading modes. This can be set in the kick command-line with the -om command. (#3800)
Incompatible changes
  • Behavior of standard.specular_rotation changed: The specular_rotation parameter in the standard shader will now continuously rotate in the same direction when provided values outside of the [0,1] range instead of switching direction. (#3786)
  • objwire utility mode removed: With the new overlay_mode, the objwire color mode in the utility shader is now redundant. The same result can be achieved with -cm obj -om polywire. (#3800)
  • Hardcoded name of options node: The name attribute of the options node is now hardcoded to the string "options" and cannot be redefined. Calls toAiNodeSetStr(AiUniverseGetOptions(),"name","foo") will not have any effect. (#3817)
  • Removed shader_timing_stats: The global option shader_timing_stats which was used to report fine-grained timings of certain shading operations has been removed. The accompanying diagnostics AOV "texturetime" has also been removed. This both removes a bit of overhead and simplifies the internal logic. (#3818)

Bug fixes


#3781peak memory not properly capturedarnoldthiagomajor4.13 weeks
#3782corrupted render region output in the X11 kick driverkickramonmajor4.13 weeks
#3784AiShaderGlobalsGetTriangle crashes with displacement in free modearnoldramonmajor4.13 weeks
#3785AiRadiance texture coordinatesarnoldramonmajor4.13 weeks
#3786specular_rotation parameter in standard shader misbehaving outside of [0,1] rangearnoldalanmajor4.13 weeks
#3788NaNs with light_blockerarnoldramonmajor4.13 weeks
#3789crash in bump3d used in object spacearnoldramonmajor4.13 weeks
#3798static non-invertible matrix transform crashesarnoldthiagomajor4.113 days
#3803curved motion blur not numerically precisearnoldthiagomajor4.111 days
#3806fast_exp symbol is stripped from os x opt buildarnoldthiagomajor4.19 days
#3809matrix-transformed cylinder and disk lights broken with 1 motion keyarnoldalanmajor4.17 days
#3810Memory leak in AiNodeEntryInstallarnoldangelmajor4.16 days
#3811AiNoise reports warning when using distortionarnoldthiagomajor4.16 days
#3812Don't compute importance tables for disabled lightsarnoldmikemajor4.15 days
#3816Crash when interrupting render during BVH build with more than 2 motion keysarnoldmikemajor4.13 days
#3817hardcode options node's name to "options"arnoldmarcosmajor4.140 hours
#3799Memory leak on NURBS nodearnoldangelminor4.112 days
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