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• Ray traced BSSRDFs: A new alternative to point-cloud subsurface scattering has been added. This method is brute-force ray-tracing based, but produces visually identical results to the pointcloud technique. This approach removes a number of shortcomings of the pointcloud method, trading them for unbiased noise instead. The new method consumes zero extra memory, supports motion blur, supports interactive relighting, is fully multi-threaded, starts up immediately and does not degrade in performance as the scattering radius shrinks. For backwards compatibility this is provided as an option, with point clouds being the default setting. To use ray traced subsurface scattering, check the Raytraced option from the Sampling controls dialog.

• Mesh light: There is a new type of light available called mesh_light which takes a polymesh as a parameter and emits light using the polymesh's surface geometry. Read the mesh light topic for more details.

• A number of other improvements in the Arnold core are of interest:


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