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Arnold RenderView

Opens the Arnold RenderView window.

Flush Caches

The Flush Caches menu can be found within the Arnold menu.

Operator Graph

Opens the Operator Graph window.

Pre-Populate GPU Cache

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptNamePre-populate GPU Cache
PageWithExcerptA5AFMUG:Pre-populate GPU Cache

Arbitrary Output Variables (AOVs)

Opens the Arbitrary Output Variables (AOVs) window.

AOV Light Group Manager

Opens the Light Group Manager window.

Import Materials

Import materials and maps as .ass and .mtlx. The imported nodes should be available in the Slate Material Editor. 


Import Materials window

Export Materials

Export materials and maps used by the currently selected nodes as .ass and .mtlx.


Export Materials window



  • User Guide: opens this MAXtoA manual in the browser.
  • Arnold Renderer: opens the Arnold Renderer website in the browser.
  • Arnold Answers: opens the Arnold Answers website in the browser.
  • About MAXtoA: You can check the version number by opening the About dialog from the Arnold > About menu. It displays a dialog showing credits and the version number of MAXtoA and the Arnold core.