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Get single-user licenses for Arnold 6

Monthly, annual, and 3-year single-user subscriptions of Arnold 6 are now available on the Autodesk e-store

No more license servers! With a new single-user subscription, you just sign in with your Autodesk ID.

Get a 30-day trial 

If you want to try Arnold for 30 days, all you have to do is create an Autodesk account and sign in.

You need a new network license for Arnold 6

For network licenses, Arnold 6 switches to ARNOL_2020 licenses (Arnold 5 uses ARNOL_2018)

That means you have to log on to your Autodesk account and generate a new network license.

Your new license will include both ARNOL_2020 and ARNOL_2018 licenses, so you can use the new license file with either Arnold 6 or Arnold 5.

Manage licenses with the new Arnold License Manager

There’s a new Arnold License Manager that provides a user interface for:

  • Signing in (and, if necessary, installing the necessary single-user licensing components)
    • Maya and 3ds Max users may also sign in in the main application.
  • Switching between single-user and network licensing
  • Connecting to network license servers
  • Getting diagnostics
  • Installing the Autodesk Network License Manager (super helpful for macOS, where it sets up a plist daemon to automatically restart lmgrd)

The Arnold License Manager is available from the Arnold > Licensing menu in Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, CINEMA 4D, and Katana.
You can also run the Arnold License Manager from the command line.


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Arnold VersionSingle-user licensingNetwork licensing
Arnold 6
  • Yes
  • Monthly, annual, or 3-year
  • Available from Autodesk e-store; annual and 3-year also available from resellers
  • Yes
  • Annual or 3-year
  • Available from resellers
  • Using the Autodesk Network License Manager and an ARNOL_2020 license
  • Arnold 6 subscription also includes ARNOL_2018 license for using Arnold 5
Arnold 5
  • No single-user licensing
  • If you have a single-user subscription, you can request an RLM license for previous version usage
  • Yes
  • Using the Autodesk Network License Manager and an ARNOL_2018 license (which is included with your Arnold 6 license)
Arnold 4
  • Yes, using RLM
  • If you have an Arnold subscription, you can request an RLM license for previous-version usage