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  • Arnold GPU supports complex shading networks, SSS, hair, atmospherics, instancing, and procedurals.
  • With the same settings, GPU renders will currently be noisier than CPU renders , since GPU renders are "non-splitting" (i.e. one path per camera/AA sample). Accordingly, to achieve equivalent noise the AA sample count will need to be increased in GPU renders. Adaptive rendering is fully supported.

  • Standard Surface, Standard Hair, and Standard Volume are supported, with some limitations (see the table below).
  • OSL is supported, with some limitations currently (see below).
  • OpenVDB volumes are supported, with some limitations currently (see below).
  • Volume displacement is supported, with some limitations currently (see below).
  • Floating-point textures are converted to half-float. Filename attribute tags are supported. Mipmap bias is not supported.
  • Light linking is not supported.
  • Limited AOV support.

  • Light groups, shadow groups, trace sets are not supported.
  • Custom procedurals, drivers, color managers are supported.
  • Custom shaders, cameras, filters, BSDFs are not supported.
  • Noice is not supported with Arnold GPU renders (because the variance filter is not supported on Arnold GPU)


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