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MultiExcerptNameCar Paint

Once you are happy with the lighting and environment it is time to move onto shading the car. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on car paint. The other car materials (windscreen glass, rims, plastic, etc) can be downloaded in the link at the top of the page.

Two-Tone Metallic Car Paint

Now let's create a two-tone car_paint shader and apply it to the car body geometry.



Left: TwoLeft: just base_color: blue (with default settings). Right: Two-tone car_paint. Base_color: blue, specular_color: purple. Right: just base_color: blue (with default settings).


Change the following parameters:

  • Change the base_color to a dark blue color. 
  • Change the specular_color to a purple color. This is the color the specular reflection will be modulated with. This color will 'tint' the specular highlight from the base coat layer.
  • Increase the specular_roughness to around 0.5. This controls the glossiness of the specular reflections from the base coat layer. The lower the value, the sharper the reflection.
  • Increasing the specular_IOR value will give the paint a more reflective quality. In this example, a value of 10 was used. 


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