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A video showing some of the RenderView features can be found here.

The Arnold RenderView window is an interactive rendering (IPR) utility designed to give real-time feedback on any changes made to the scene while solving several limitations of the DCC's native render view. A long list of artist-friendly features has been added to help with the shading, lighting, and look-dev process, improving interactivity and reducing translation/scene refresh time. For example:

  • Smooth, low-latency render updates take place while dragging the mouse rather than at mouse-release time.
  • Different cameras, AOVs, and shading modes can be selected at any time, without re-exporting the scene.
  • Picking an object with the mouse selects the object in Maya and highlights it in the RenderView.
  • Isolate objects, lights, materials, and even individual shader nodes for easier debugging of shading trees.
  • Basic color correction.
  • Status bar with comprehensive information about the render in progress and pixel under the cursor.
  • Native 3D camera manipulation, including Frame object selection and Frame all.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common actions and display modes.
  • Stored image snapshots for easy comparison.


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