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MultiExcerptName6.0.4 Incompatible Changes

Bug Fixes

  • mtoa#3713 MtoA installer doesn't work with Python 3 based Linux (RHEL 8)

  • mtoa#4101 [ARV] breaks with IPR and Deformation Motion Blur vertex changing error.

  • mtoa#4278 [ARV] log window hangs maya

  • mtoa#4188 [ARV] Add menusFilter to OpenRenderView

  • mtoa#4240 Add additional bifrost graph default shader assignments to ignore

  • mtoa#4259 Arnold is not respecting Maya LOD visibility

  • mtoa#4189 Curve collector doesn't expose matte

  • mtoa#4243 Don't crash if Bifrost serialized data is empty

  • mtoa#4126 IPR doesn't update until camera move when changing motion blur length

  • mtoa#4269 Operator UI: Assignment expression editor always puts single quotes around the value

  • mtoa#4251 Set proper ID to aiViewRegion

  • mtoa#4238 Ungrouping a light (skydome) needs updating in the IPR

  • mtoa#3583 VP2 aiRectangleAreaLight.xml errors when command line rendering.

  • mtoa#4193 alembic export ignores normals if they default values

  • mtoa#4255 error when adding override to objectSet in 2021

  • mtoa#4256 error when removing AOV via "remove AOV" menu

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptName6.0.4 Bug Fixes


Arnold installer doesn't work with Python 3 based Linux (RHEL 8)