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The Arnold for Katana plugin comes with Arnold core bundled, but without the SDK.  Setting it up generally requires pointing to your license server(s), setting KATANA_RESOURCES, and launching Katana.


The download package comes in a self-extracting installer.  Downloads of KtoA can be obtained here.


Change the downloaded installer to be executable, for example if you had downloaded KtoA version 3.4 for Katana version 3.6 in a terminal:

Code Block
chmod a+x

Then run the installer in a graphical environment to get a walk-through of the installation.  You should have installed your desired Katana version previously.

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Run the downloaded installer which will pop up a window to walk you through the installation process.  You should have installed your desired Katana version previously.

Running KtoA

KtoA has a bundled script for launching KtoA with your desired version of Katana.  It is recommended to customize that script (or a copy of it) for your environment, and use it or a shortcut to it to launch KtoA.  See the files (Linux) and launchKtoA.bat (Windows) for a typical launch script.

KtoA comes bundled with Arnold core, and is tuned to work with the version it is bundled with.  It also has additional plugins, such as common shaders, volume plugins (OpenVDB volumes), kick, the Arnold python API, and so on.  Generally to launch Katana with KtoA you just need to expand the KtoA tarball and set the following environment variables, customized to your environment (the PATH and license variables are not required):

Code Block
export foundy_LICENSE=4101@localhost
export ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE=5053@localhost
export solidangle_LICENSE=5053@localhost
export DEFAULT_RENDERER=arnold
export "KATANA_TAGLINE=With KtoA and Arnold"
export KTOA_ROOT=/path/to/KtoA
export PATH=/path/to/Katana:${KTOA_ROOT}/bin:$PATH
# NOTE: this is the only absolutely required variable


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