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Each render output (which has one output channel it pulls from) will need an explicit RenderOutputDefine node.  In it, you will need to select the channel defined in the corresponding ArnoldOutputChannelDefine. You can set the tempRenderLocation parameter to anything you like or even leave it empty.  When that temporary location is left empty, Katana auto-generates a location within its temp session directory (for example, located in /tmp/katana_tmpdir_6142), but when the render exits in any way it will delete the temporary render file. KtoA attempts to ensure any already-rendered tiles in the temporary file are copied to the final location so any partial progress will be kept.

NOTE: you should avoid setting the temporary render location to the same file as the final render location. This causes KtoA to have to emit a file on disk to track the mapping from the temporary to the final file, which is not ideal on some network file systems. As long as the temp is different from the final location, KtoA should properly swap the file over as needed.

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