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  • Token support to Auto Convert TX: texture lookup shaders (such as the Arnold image node) now support the conversion to .tx of the convert the entire set of textures to .tx (as defined by the <udim> token).

  • Adding or removing imagers does not trigger a render anymore: after a render pass is finished, adding or removing some imagers (all except the denoisers and the light mixer) modifies the output image without restarting the render.

  • Photometric lights for the light mixer: the Max photometric lights can now be added to light groups through the Arnold light group manager, and taken into account by the light mixer imager.

  • The light mixer now supports up to 256 light groups.

  • Changing some render settings that do not affect the output result doesn't refresh the IPR anymore.

  • Added support of undo/redo in the light group manager.