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MultiExcerptNameGPU Enhancements

USD Enhancements

Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptNameUSD Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • maxtoa#910 Current task progress bar is broken when rendering multiple frame
  • maxtoa#1036 Imagers: denoisers not showing the right AOVs in ARV
  • maxtoa#1079 Imagers can be animated but are not trackable in Track View
  • maxtoa#1081 Light mixer: the animation of a deleted light group is transferred to another group

  • maxtoa#1083 Light Group Manager becomes very slow with hundreds of lights and groups
  • maxtoa#1088 Material editor performance degradation

  • maxtoa#1090 Crash trying to undo the action of making unique an instanced/referenced light
  • maxtoa#1092 Crash when cloning an object with the spring controller

  • maxtoa#1103 Imagers break the ARV refresh when switching camera
  • maxtoa#1104 Shader branches containing OSL maps fail to be imported (fixed for single-output OSL nodes only)
  • maxtoa#1106  OSL map causing Max to crash when thumbnails are rendered in the material editor