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See this playlist to learn how to use the 请查看此播放列表以了解如何使用 Arnold License Manager.Manager。




No more environment variables! You can use the 不再需要环境变量!您可以使用 Arnold License Manager to configure licensing for Arnold:

  • Just sign in to activate a single-user Arnold license
  • Connect to one or more network license servers
  • Switch between different licensing systems (single user, NLM, RLM)

Whatever you set up in the Arnold License Manager is used by Arnold when you render.  来配置 Arnold 的许可:

  • 只需登录即可激活 Arnold 单(人)用户许可
  • 连接到一个或多个网络许可服务器
  • 在不同的许可系统(单(人)用户、NLM、RLM)之间转换

渲染时,Arnold 会使用您在 Arnold License Manager 中进行的任何设置。 



打开 Arnold License Manager

The Arnold License Manager is available from the Arnold > Licensing menu in Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, and CINEMA 4D, and from the Arnold shelf in Katana可以从 Maya、3ds Max、Houdini 和 CINEMA 4D 的“Arnold > 许可”(Arnold > Licensing)以及 Katana 的 Arnold 工具架中获取 Arnold License Manager。

Unordered List (ul)
List Item (li)

In CINEMA 4D , click 中,单击“扩展 > C4DtoA > 帮助 > 许可 > License Manager”(Extensions > C4DtoA > Help > Licensing > License Manager)

In CINEMA 4D Team Render Client , click中,单击“文件 > 扩展 > C4DtoA > 帮助 > 许可 > License Manager”(File > Extensions > C4DtoA > Help > Licensing > License Manager)


CINEMA 4D R21 replaced the Plugins menu with Extensions“插件”(Plugins)菜单替换为“扩展”(Extensions)

List Item (li)

In Houdini, click 在 Houdini 中,单击“Arnold > 许可 > License Manager”(Arnold > Licensing > License Manager)

List Item (li)

In Katana, click the Shelf icon Image Removed and in the KtoA shelf, click License Manager在 Katana 中,单击工具架图标 Image Added,然后在 KtoA 工具架中,单击“License Manager”

List Item (li)

In Maya, click 在 Maya 中,单击“Arnold > 许可 > License Manager”(Arnold > Licensing > License Manager)

List Item (li)

In 3ds Max , click 中,单击“Arnold > 许可 > License Manager”(Arnold > Licensing > License Manager)




If you're not running a 3d application (for example, you're setting up a render node), then you can run the ArnoldLicenseManager executable.


如果未运行 3D 应用程序(例如,您正在设置渲染节点),则可以运行 ArnoldLicenseManager 可执行文件。

  • MtoA:在 MtoA 安装的 bin 文件夹中查找。例如,C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Arnold\maya2019-4.0.1\bin\ArnoldLicenseManager.exe
  • C4DtoA: Look in the C4DtoA:在 arnold/bin folder 文件夹中查找
    • C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\plugins\C4DtoA\arnold\bin\ArnoldLicenseManager.exe
    • /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R20/arnold/bin/ArnoldLicenseManager
  • HtoA: Look in the HtoA:在 scripts/bin folder 文件夹中查找
  • KtoA:在 KtoA : Look in the bin folder of the KtoA installationMAXtoA: Look in the MAXtoA install folder. For example:安装的 bin 文件夹中查找
  • MAXtoA:在 MAXtoA 安装文件夹中查找。例如:
    • C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\MAXtoA_2020\ArnoldLicenseManager.exe

How does it work?

If you really want to know how it works, here's how:

  • The Arnold License Manager saves a a plain-text config file on your system. 
  • This config file is specific to your user account.
  • When you render, Arnold reads this config file and uses that information to get a license.

The config file




  • Arnold License Manager 会将纯文本配置文件保存在系统中。 
  • 此配置文件特定于您的用户帐户。
  • 渲染时,Arnold 会读取此配置文件并使用相应信息获取许可。


Arnold License Manager 是用于设置此配置文件的用户界面。

Code Block
    "license": {
        "clm": {
            "servers": [
        "order": [
        "rlm": {
            "servers": [
    "version": "1.0"

The config file is a per-user setting:



  • Windows:%LOCALAPPDATA%\Autodesk\Arnold\
  • Mac: $HOMEMac:$HOME/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/Arnold/
  • Linux: $HOMELinux:$HOME/.config/Autodesk/Arnold/

When Arnold renders a frame, Arnold reads the config file to get the license server connection information.渲染帧时,Arnold 会读取配置文件以获取许可服务器连接信息。




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