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  • MAXTOA-1067 - Let the user select the AOVs' output type
  • MAXTOA-1277 - Triplanar shader now with different texture on each axis
  • MAXTOA-1281 - Ray depth values should be capped to 100MAXTOA-1290 - Add flip_on_opposite_direction parameter to triplanar
  • MAXX-65409 - Initial support for the RenderTime Instancing API

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  • MAXTOA-1264 - No more warning about the OCIO config file
  • MAXTOA-1288 - Crash when rendering a sequence with a scene that contains a RenderTimeInstanceObjectMAXTOA-1291 - The RenderTimeInstance translator causes warnings to be logged when it tries to access node parameters that don't exist1281 - Ray depth values should be capped to 100
  • MAXTOA-1295 - Diagnostic->Log doesn't respect the verbosity level


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