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Comment: missed nested instancers in original bugfix release notes


MultiExcerptNameBug Fixes
  • ARNOLD-12352 - Unsupported VECTOR2 AOV deep output prevents EXR files from being written
  • ARNOLD-12334 - Nested instancers were unnecessarily duplicating instancer data
  • ARNOLD-12328 - Unwanted AiUniverseCompare log messages during rendering
  • ARNOLD-12292 - Log reports original requested samples instead of actual samples used during negative progressive passes
  • ARNOLD-12199 - Disk and Cylinder lights aren't motion blurred in the camera
  • ARNOLD-12051 - Skydome texture is not flushed after calling AiUniverseCacheFlush
  • ARNOLD-10959 - Inconsistent order of light AOVs in output iterators passed to the driver API
  • ARNOLD-11064 - [GPU] Crash when rendering the N AOV with volumes
  • usd#1168 Remove attributes reset in the lights delegate
  • usd#1165 Support double array primvars in the procedural
  • usd#1175 Fix authoring per-channel connections so that the output attribute exists
  • usd#1170 Support render products with no productName

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