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  • Differences in vector noise: As mentioned above, the vector noise returned by AiVNoise*() has changed. For users with already look-dev'ed assets who decide to upgrade in the middle of production, this might be inconvenient. Those users can revert to the older, lower quality vector noise thanks to the new global option enable_legacy_vector_noise. This is set to false by default. Note that this new option is deprecated from the start and will be removed in the next major release. (#3299)


Bug fixes


#3312User-data parsing and version checking not thread-safe in Windowsarnoldangelcritical4.06 weeks
#3292make sure wrap mode "black" wins over "fill" value when they conflictoiioramonmajor4.07 weeks
#3300no need to write "name options" for the options block in .ass filesarnoldmarcosmajor4.07 weeks
#3307infinite type lights break with volume_scatteringarnoldthiagomajor4.06 weeks
#3310AiFresnelWeightRGB() does not match AiFresnelWeight()arnoldalanmajor4.06 weeks
#3315leak in AiMetaDataSetStr when setting the same metadata twicearnoldangelmajor4.05 weeks
#3318applying a matrix transform to plane results in invalid boundsarnoldthiagomajor4.05 weeks
#3321NANs in displacement map crash Arnoldarnoldramonmajor4.05 weeks
#3335Procedural attribute overrides not always preserved when writing to .assarnoldangelmajor4.04 weeks
#3345writing out .ass files with tens of thousands of lights is very slowarnoldmarcosmajor4.03 weeks