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Milestone 3.2.2


  • Reflection/refraction exit colors in standard shader: It is now possible to specify an exit color other than black for reflection or refraction rays that reach their respective maximum depth. Four new parameters have been added: (trac#1801)
    % kick -info standard | grep exit
    RGB           reflection_exit_color             0, 0, 0
    BOOL          reflection_exit_use_environment   false
    RGB           refraction_exit_color             0, 0, 0
    BOOL          refraction_exit_use_environment   false
  • Configurable AOV names in standard shader: You can now change the AOV name strings in case the default values are not appropiate. This is controled by eight new string parameters: (trac#1804)
    % kick -info standard | grep aov
    STRING        aov_direct_diffuse                direct_diffuse
    STRING        aov_direct_specular               direct_specular
    STRING        aov_emission                      emission
    STRING        aov_indirect_diffuse              indirect_diffuse
    STRING        aov_indirect_specular             indirect_specular
    STRING        aov_reflection                    reflection
    STRING        aov_refraction                    refraction
    STRING        aov_sss                           sss

Bug fixes

#1802standard shader: remap range of diffuse_roughness to [0,1]
#1803gobo rotation should be motion-blurred