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Importing The Geometry & Reassign Shaders


  • Repeat this process for the studio geometry. Enter the studio node, select the file node and change the Geometry File path to the location of studio2.obj.
  • Now select the material1 node and change the first material's Group from floor to curtain and the second material's Group from reflector to room.


Move The Camera

  • Select cam1 and move the camera round to view the pen horizontally.


Adjust The Shaders

We will now tweak the shaders as the pen is slightly less glossy than the corkscrew.


  • Switch to the chrome_body vopnet and lower the Specular weight to 0.7 and the Specular Roughness to 0.25.

First Render

  • Go to the Arnold ROP and change the Output Picture back to ip.


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