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The release archive contains everything you need to run HtoA, including the Arnold libraries, executables, and Python modules.


Table of Contents

Houdini Compatibility



Houdini Apprentice, unfortunately, cannot run HtoA as they lack support for third-party renderers, see Houdini products comparison.

Setting up HtoA with the installer


  • Download the installer matching your exact Houdini version and platform from Downloads.
  • Launch the installer:


  • Select the folder where you want the HtoA files to be extracted:


  • You can choose to either have the installer set up your Houdini config file for HtoA automatically for you or just extract the contents to do a manual installation. The automatic installation will modify a few lines in your houdini.env file and create a backup.
  • You need to accept the End User License Agreement to continue the installation:


  • You are now ready to install HtoA on your computer:


  • The actual installation is then performed:


  • Done! You can now launch Houdini and start using Arnold:


Note the render delegate for Solaris is added automatically for Houdini versions 18.0 and above, so no action is required when using the installer.


Note that from HtoA 5.1.1 and Houdini 18.0.391, the render delegate for Solaris is installed into the dso/usd_plugins directory so it is no longer necessary to set the PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME either in the houdini.env file or as an environment variable.


For previous versions, the Arnold hydra render delegate was added automatically by the installer to the houdini.env file, by adding the PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME variable, set to the location of the hydra folder within the HtoA install tree as below.


Environment variableSub-folderNotes
HOUDINI_DSO_PATH <htoa_folder>/dso
HOUDINI_SOHO_PATH<htoa_folder>/sohoIt is critical that the HtoA soho sub-folder be placed before the factory Houdini folder.

Further information

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