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Sometimes, for example, to maintain compatibility, it's essential to know the current C4DtoA or Arnold version in a python script.


To do this, you have to send a message to the Arnold scene hook registered by the plugin. If the scene hook does not exist it means C4DtoA is not installed.

Message idC4DTOA_MSG_GET_VERSION = 1040
Return values

C4DTOA_MSG_RESP1 = 2011 (String): C4DtoA version string.

C4DTOA_MSG_RESP2 = 2012 (String): Arnold version string.

C4DTOA_MSG_RESP3 = 2013 (Int32): C4DtoA c++ API version number.

3000 (Int32): C4DtoA arch version number.

3001 (Int32): C4DtoA major version number.

3002 (Int32): C4DtoA minor version number.

3003 (Int32): C4DtoA fix version number.

3004 (String): C4DtoA dev version token. Does not available in release builds.

4000 (Int32): Arnold arch version number.

4001 (Int32): Arnold major version number.

4002 (Int32): Arnold minor version number.

4003 (String): Arnold fix version.


The following example shows how to access the version string or numbers:


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