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Release Date

September 26, 2014


This is a major release with new features like light linking and curves support, and also with an architectural change. Please let me know if you have any problems with the installer, experience any slow down or find any bugs.


An API is added to 3rd party developers.



Release notes



  • Support for curves.
  • Support for light linking.
  • Added API for third-party developers.
  • Support for Camera Mapping projection in Texture Tag.
  • Support for layer visibility.
  • Supporting 'Make editable' command in Arnold Procedurals.
  • Added 'Plugin path' option to Arnold settings.
  • Added 'About' dialog.


  • Instancing with nested objects.


  • Creating objects whilst IPR is active and running creates them without attributes.


  • Wrong IPR update when parent transform of a light has been changed


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  • Shader previews disappear after making changes during IPR


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  • Wrong file names of AOV sequences


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  • IPR update is wrong when changing visibility of parent.


  • Changing resolution does not work in IPR


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  • Increase Sample rate when rendering closed splines (such as a Circle).
  • API documentation is available here: C++ API