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Comment: Merging all the 1.0 RC notes


May 14, 2015

This version uses the Arnold core.




  • Render region in IPR
  • Support for C4D per-object user data
  • Support for motion vector
  • Support for multiple UV sets
  • Export hair UVs and IDs
  • Export Display Color of objects as user parameter+
  • layer_color shader


  • ASS export command
  • Initial support for X-Particles
  • New sky workflow
  • Optimized shader sampling in TFD translator 

  • Simplified object mask workflow (see Object Mask)
  • Support for Background object (image plane)
  • Shader network
    • Editor always shows the selected material, don't need to reopen
    • Editor remains in its docked position
    • 'Assign' tab to Arnold Shader Network Material
    • Use relative path when an image file is dropped to the network editor
  • Activate / deactivate AOVs by double clicking in the AOV editor
  • Load Arnold plugins from subfolders of plugins/C4DtoA/shaders
  • Tx Manager enhancements:relink feature to Tx Manager

    • Replace with .tx after generation
    • Added path replacement settings
    • Show the node which defines the texture
    • Relink feature to Tx Manage


  • Remove unused materials does not work with Arnold materials
  • Crash in Team Render by deactivating a client during render
  • IPR is not updated when changing texture of a quad light


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