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  • Many rendering optimizations in Arnold 4.2 including faster ray accel build, subdivision, displacement, polymesh processing, rendering of many-light scenes, backlighting, SSS, image shader and deep output.
  • Improved quality in motion blur sampling and indirect specular sampling.
  • Smoother bump near shadow terminator and reduced edge darkening in Cook-Torrance BRDF.
  • The Standard shader can now output refraction opacity as an AOV. It is advised to write the complete RGBA set of channels, since the alpha component will constitute a mask that can be used to mix it in with the regular opacity, multiplying in refraction opacity to regular opacity based on the mask.
  • Support for Custom shutter shapes.
  • Support for   Rolling shutter.
  • Add support for custom light filters. The light types a filter can be applied to are now defined in the light filter metadata, which will be read by MtoA.
  • Support for motion blur for fluids.
  • Initial support for Maya viewport 2.0.
  • Maya Luminance shader.
  • Make Pref usage an option for MayaProjection shader.


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