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  • First, we will create the SkyDomeLight. Open up the Hypershade window. In the Create Bar on the left of the Hypershade window, you should see a list of Arnold nodes. The one we want is the SkyDome Light. Click on it to create it. You will notice a new node for it in the Lights tab of the Hypershade window and also in the Outliner. It will appear in the viewport as a yellow wireframe sphere.


Create an Ai SkyDomeLight


  • Select the Ai SkyDomeLight and show its attribute editor. Connect a 2d file texture to the Color attribute of the Ai SkyDomeLight. If you are using a hdr an HDR map, remember to switch the file type to All Types in order to see the hdr file in the file open browser window. Remember to change the Format to the same format that the HDR map was captured. In this case, it was captured with a mirrored ball.