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  • As with all non-opaque geometry in MtoA, you should disable Opaque in the Arnold attributes for the geometry.
  • Assign a Standard Surface shader to the helmet and rename it to 'glass'. Reduce the Base Weight to 0.
  • Increase the Transmission Weight to 1 so that the glass is fully transparent. Change the IOR (Index of Refraction) to that of glass (1.5). If you want to add a tint color to the glass, change the Transmission Color to a light color. 





The Transmission Ray Depth is set to 8 by default. If we lower this value and render the helmet glass we can see that the eye cornea (also a refractive material) appears black. This is because


the ray depth is limited and therefore cannot penetrate the glass and the cornea shader.




Helmet Collar

Let's change the shaders on Sven's collar (and air tank) to have a more 'metallic' appearance.